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If you have questions about your garage door opener, here you can find the best answers.

What must I watch out when buying openers?

It would depend on your lifestyle and size of the garage. New garage door openers can even be installed on the wall instead of the ceiling but you should give more attention to their horsepower. Residential doors usually require ½ hp but it would depend on the weight of the door. If your bedroom is nearby, get belt drive motors, which are silent. It's good to install backup batteries and extra safety sensors.

What are the most significant garage door parts?

In reality, they are all significant according to our specialists because the movement of the door depends on the good work of all garage door parts together. Of course, without electric openers, you will have to open and close the door manually and your security would be reduced. Springs and cables are important for the door's lifting, pace and balance. Tracks and rollers will ensure the door opens and closes all the way.

Why everyone insists on insulated garage doors?

These days, you have a choice to get insulated and non-insulated garage doors. Getting insulated garage doors means you are spending more today and saving in the long run. If you go for the non-insulated doors, you will find cheaper doors but keep paying for energy consumption in the future. Most people prefer the former.

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