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Garage doors correlate with the protection of the property and its value in the market. They have a double mission of equal importance and both require that the doors are in excellent condition. On the one hand, well maintained garage doors can withstand strong winds and keep intruders out and, on the other hand, they can increase the value of the house. Garage Door Openers in California


The good condition and the efficient operation of the garage doors are determined by the superb performance of the openers since they manage the opening and the closing. Damaged openers insinuate the failure of the entire operational system. Certainly, reliable products manufactured by the best companies in the world don’t break down easily. That’s why our company trusts Genie and Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Sears for the supply of all equipment, doors as well as replacement parts. Still, garage door parts are very sensitive and may wear out over time or due to the daily use and the weather conditions.


We, at Garage Door Openers Portola Valley, excel on the repair as well as the replacement of all opener brands. We are equipped with the best equipment and our technicians are very skillful and licensed to fix all opener problems. If you notice strange noises or the remote does not respond to your commands, please notify us and we will be by your side as soon as possible. Our experience combined with our techniques and proper tools will give you the best results quickly and thoroughly. We, usually, manage to finish each task within the same day and we also offer you emergency services, in case you lose your remote or the opener fails to respond to your commands at late hours.


All openers – regardless of the brand – work with a specific drive motor

The decision of your choice is yours since it depends of how much money you want to spend on your opener and whether you are annoyed by the noise or not. For example, people, who don’t mind the noise or prefer to hear their garage door opening (in case of a burglary) and, at the same time, don’t want to spend a large amount of money choose the chain drive. Your next option is the screw drive that costs a bit more, but it doesn’t make so much noise. The last choice is the belt drive motor, which is obviously the best choice since it is completely silent, though, it costs more.


Garage Door Openers Portola Valley cannot only provide you with the best services, but also supply you with the best openers and remotes. Remotes will complete the picture of a fully automatic garage door since their signal will initiate the movement of the door. The latest remote models offer you extensive safety since most of them are made with the new rolling code technology that basically alters the security code each time you operate your door.

Openers and remotes have changed the way we live enormously since they provide us absolute safety and our company is here to guarantee your security, your convenience and the protection of your house. We are, also, here to ensure that your home will always look absolutely beautiful.

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