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How to Recognize Garage Door Problems

11/16/2013 Back To Blog

Although, there are some devices which suddenly stop working, garage door problems usually send out some signals before they block the entire operation and, thus, you have time to fix them as long as you notice them. You just need to devote a few seconds every day to ensure that everything works fine and a few more minutes every month to check some parts from up close. Of course, every abnormal sound and strange behaviors from the garage door parts should be noted as problematic and might save you a lot of money or even hassle in the future.How to Recognize Garage Door Problems

The most crucial parts

    All companies in California that are in the business of automatic garage doors, like Garage Door Repair Portola Valley, keep data and know the official statistics that show that one of the most serious and frequent damages relates with the garage door broken spring. It's a serious issue that could immobilize completely the entire system and upset your life, if it happens out of the blue. In fact, you can suspect the existence of the problem long before it happens. When the garage door starts moving at a slower pace or the garage door springs make peculiar loud noises as they lift the door, it is time to lubricate them and check the manual of the manufacturer because it might be time to replace them.
    When the door is moving slower, stops once in a while or doesn't close firmly on the floor, you should check the opener. It might a trivial problem of a disconnected wire, but it might be time for replacement and you may need to get a new unit with greater horse power.
     If the sensors are misplaced or moved, they won't communicate with each other and they won't work properly, so you need to make sure they are facing one another and they are clean.
    A loose garage door cable can make the door come off the tracks and a missing screw can create serious problems, too. There are many replacement parts, but you need to know the code of each part to get the right one. Soon you will start recognizing the basic and the secondary problems and take care of them because it will make a great difference to your pocket and personal security.

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