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The Need of Garage Door Weather Stripping

06/16/2015 Back To Blog

Have you ever inspected your garage door? Are you aware of the different parts of the door that play a special role in its working mechanism? It is important to have some knowledge about garage door because it keeps us and our home secure. Apart from the major parts of the door, weather stripping is also needed and it must be maintained and replaced if required. Weather stripping is applied to all four edges of the door and this helps in insulation of the area. It also prevents snow, wind, rain, and bugs from coming inside the garage.The Need of Garage Door Weather Stripping

Weather stripping offers many advantages

It actually fills all the gaps on the door and more balanced. A balanced door functions better and runs smoother compared to a door that is not. If the floor on your garage is uneven, you can make it even by putting a brush seal which is a kind of weather stripping. If you put this seal, it greatly helps in reducing the amount of air that gets through the door. As it is made of aluminum with nylon filaments, it is very durable and it sweeps away leaves, dirt and snow. If you live in a city that is prone to high winds, it is important to have a weather stripping so the wind will not be able to penetrate inside and will not affect the mechanism of the door. Extreme weather conditions affect the door and wear out the door easily. Once this happens, you need to spend more money for garage door repair. It is better to spend a few dollars for weather stripping than spend more for replacement parts like garage door springs or tracks.

If you apply weather stripping, the insulation of your garage will be felt by you and your family. It can make your place warmer when it is winter and colder when it is summer. If you find it difficult to apply the seal, simply call our garage door service contractor for assistance.

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